The religions of Ember have evolved and shifted over time (see the Mythology page). The deities of the world fall into a handful of categories, which are listed below.

Players are encouraged to select one of the deities (or elements) on this page. Other deities may be available, but players should check with the Dungeon Master. Chart entries below in italics differ from published materials.

The Old Ways

Once the dominant religion on Ember, worship of Isis, Bast, Hathor and Nephthys has generally fallen out of favor. The goddesses haven’t totally vanished, but current worshippers are considered relics of a past era – hence the moniker, “the old ways.”

It should be noted that other Egyptian deities generally do not have a presence on Ember. For the most part, the people of Ember haven’t even heard of Ra, Anubis, Ptah, etc. Some other Egyptian deities are mentioned in stories involving the four goddesses; for example, the Osiris myth is told on Ember, but the principle characters (Osiris, Set, Horus) are merely mortals in the story.

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Isis NG Good, Magic, Protection, Water Quarterstaff
Apep NE Evil, Fire, Scalykind Heavy Pick
Bast CG Chaos, Destruction, Retribution, Spiked Guantlets
Strength, War
Hathor NG Community, Good, Luck Longsword
Nephthys CG Chaos, Good, Protection, Repose Mace

The Archomentals

While not true deities, the Archomentals are still immensely powerful beings that are able to grant spells. It is even said that some of them have almost enough worshippers on Ember to make the transition, particularly Chan and Imix. Clerics that devote themselves to an Archomental have access to the following:

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Ben-Hadar NG Good, Water, Nobility Whip
Chan NG Good, Air, Mentalism Sickle
Imix NE Evil, Fire, Tyranny Punching Dagger
Ogremoch NE Evil, Earth, Strength Greatclub
Olhydra NE Evil, Water, Wrath Falchion
Sunnis NG Good, Earth, Strength Warhammer
Yan-C-Bin NE Evil, Air, Mind Kukri
Zaaman-Rul NG Good, Fire, Courage Longsword

Element Worship

Instead of devoting themselves to a deity (or pantheon, even), clerics in Ember may dedicate themselves to one of the four elements. No one is entirely sure where the granted spells come from; some theorize that the cleric domains are somehow divinely tied to the world itself. Similarly, clerics of the elements all have natural affinities for certain weapons, hence the ‘favored weapons’ below.

Element Worshipper Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Air Any Non-Evil Air, Protection, Summer, Travel Rapier
Earth Any Neutral Earth, Sand, Summer, Thirst Heavy Mace
Fire Any Non-Good Fire, Destruction, Summer, Thirst Short Sword
Water Any Neutral Water, Animal, Plant, Summer Scimitar

Other Deities

Amidst the ebb and flow of the “old ways,” archomental worship, and element worship, other deities have managed to develop followings on Ember. For example, the asherati people tend to worship Solanil, and the bhuka tribes mostly worship Kikanuti (see the footnote on the Mythology page). While these and the other deities listed below are the most prevalent, it is possible that other gods have small followings as well.

Name Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Aurifar N Fire, Luck, Summer, Sun, Travel Heavy Spiked Shield
Kikanuti NG Earth, Good, Magic, Protection, Plant, Summer Clay Pot (mace)
Olidammara CN Chaos, Luck, Trickery Rapier
Solanil NG Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Summer, Travel, Water Quaterstaff
Tem-Et-Nu LN Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Travel, War Kama


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