Confluence is one of the largest cities in the area. Benefiting from the proximity of the Via Infractus and the Sheni River, Confluence sees travelers from all over Ember. The city itself is a melting pot of different cultures: obelisks, minarets, pagodas, and enthroned statues can be found throughout.

The city contains temples dedicated to each of the four elements. Smaller shrines to the archomentals (both good and evil) are located either within or near the main elemental temples. The ruler of the city, known as the Red Lord, is tolerant of archomental worship, as long as there is no open combat in the city.

The Temple of the Open Sky (the temple dedicated to elemental Air) contains a lookout tower with a great telescope. One can see miles into the Deadlands and all the way to the Scoured Wastes from the tower. The temple is also associated with the nearby Museum Meditatus, a extensive library and historical archive.

The city’s asherati population live primarily in an area known as the Sculpture Garden. At the surface, the adjacent city streets border a sand-covered plaza filled with stone and sand sculptures of all sizes and shapes. Like a traditional asherati village, the sand swimmers’ homes are buried in the sand beneath the surface of the ‘plaza.’

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