Neutral Good Painted Elf

Ranger 1/Duskblade 1/Barbarian 1/Fighter 2/Anointed Knight 2/Champion of Chan 2

Str 16 (18 with belt)
Dex 18
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 10
Cha 16

HP: 69
AC: 21 (22 with dodge, up to 27 with combat expertise)
Flat Footed: 17
Touch: 14
Fort: + 17
Ref: + 6
Will: + 8 (+ 9 against enchantments)

BAB: +9

Speed: 40’

Racial abilities: Immunity to sleep effects, + 2 against enchantment effects, low-light vision, ability to detect secret doors.

Class Features: Favored Enemy (Outsiders – Fire), Spiritual Connection (speak with animals or speak with plants 3/day), Armored Mage (light), Arcane Attunement (dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, or read magic 4/day), Rage 1/day, Chan’s blessing (heal 6hp/day).

Feats: Track, Improved Weapon Familiarity, Ancestral Relic, Dodge, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Run, Mobility, Elusive Target


Ariketh (elven court blade + 2) + 15 to hit, 1d10 + 12 (Good aligned) + 1d6 cold (+ 2 damage while flanking)

Acid Splash +14 to hit (ranged touch) 1d3 acid damage

Stream of Blood +14 to hit (ranged touch) 4d6 acid damage

Initiative: + 4

Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic


Craft (alchemy) + 6
Decipher Script + 2
Diplomacy + 7
Hide + 9
Listen + 4
Knowledge (arcana) + 6
Knowledge (nature) + 8
Knowledge (religion) + 3
Move Silently + 9
Spot + 4
Search + 6
Spellcraft + 6
Survival + 7

0- Disrupt Undead, Acid Splash, Touch of Fatigue
1- Stand, Resist Energy

Spells per day: 3/3

Equipment: Mithral Chain shirt + 1, Dastana + 1, Crystal of Adaptation (least), Crystal of Cold Assault (lesser), Amulet of Teamwork, Artificer’s Monocle, Healing Belt (with added + 2 Str bonus), Scarf of blood, Ariketh (The Silver Wind) – Elven Courtblade + 2, prestidigitation towel, rapier + 1, longbow + 1, adamantine heavy shielf, fig sapling, 75 gp.


Qualith Ellyr is a painted elf, and a devotee of Chan, and the bearer of the ancient slender elven court sword, Ariketh, the Silver Wind. Born with eyes the color of the sky and hair the color of clouds, he followed his tribe’s devotion to elemental air at an early age, and spent his youth training as a warrior for his tribe. In his youth, he fought some skirmishes with his tribe.

Upon attaining his hundredth year, his mother bestowed upon him the family sword, Ariketh, an elven court blade covered in etched words in various languages, along with a manual detailing family fighting techniques. Shortly after that, he headed into the world to learn the art of the sword and attempt to acquire the knowledge to unlock the secrets of his sword.

He headed to the Temple of the Open Sky to learn, and mastered some basic spells before taking an apprenticeship with a swordmaster at a shrine of Chan in Confluence. There, he learned what he needed to begin unlocking the mysteries within his family manual.

Having discovered this knowledge, he returned to his tribe’s homeland to undergo the rituals that would unlock the powers and techniques held by his family for ages. These rituals involved alchemically-enhanced tattoos, as well as tracing certain words on his ancestral sword with special oils. He spent some years among his tribe, defending it against attacks from waste monsters and on one occasion, a group of Imix-worshippers.

Having heard tales from his people of an ancient repository of lore in the Mirrored Sea, he finally felt confident enough in his abilities to pursue this lore, to further his studies, and ventured to Shard to begin an expedition to these dangerous lands. While in Shard preparing for the trip, he received a message from an old friend from Confluence, Tychaeus, about another group about to enter the Mirrored Sea, with whom he might try to travel.


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