The first (and probably only remaining) bhuka missionary of Isis


Jo’am – Male Bhuka
Cleric/Apostle of Peace
Level unknown / Neutral Good
Worshiper of Isis


Jo’am is a relic… quite literally.

Many centuries ago, he was the first missionary of Isis to the bhuka people (see the footnote on the Mythology page), and a major player in the religious conversion of almost the entire race.

As a result of his betrayal to the goddess Kikanuti, he likely would have been condemned to an eternity of punishment in the afterlife. Despite his changing allegiance, however, Jo’am is truly good at heart. In an act of mercy, Isis granted immortality to Jo’am.

The lonely bhuka now lives a relatively solitary life, within a small chamber in the Tomb of Regrets. There he tends to his fungus garden, and awaits the occasional visitor with which to share his ancient wisdom.


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