Ember: Fire and Wind

Qualith's Journal

So, I seem to have found some companions for my journey, but we have a long way to go before we could become a team. My old friend Tychaeus sent me a message via sending to let me know that some adventurers he has been guiding were headed toward the Mirrored Sea, and I might find some help in my search with them. I discovered one member of the party, a curious asherati called Taen Ziad, studying the walls in the Glyphs in Shard and questioning a water mephling about religion. I observed his interaction until he noticed me, then approached him to introduce myself. He was very curious, but friendly, and we got along well. His companions were in the marketplace buying supplies for the trip. I eventually met them, Osookh, an asherati ranger and sandworm rider; Route, a stealthy warrior of a strange race called Venara; and Veruna, a human channeler and devotee of Isis from another land. Veruna had a hyena with the fanciful name of Sir Gigglenibbles. I spoke to him, and he approved of her character, so I decided to go with this group. I have yet to speak to the ranger’s owl. I had expected another member in their party, but they were cryptic about his absence. Some of them were a bit suspicious of me, but that was soon diminished when I mentioned the cache from Tychaeus.
We went to Oldcity, and searched for an old mill, since the cache was under the millstone. We were investigating some buildings when we were ambushed by some odd earthen creatures. As I went to assist the others, I was attacked by a mass of animated rubble and barely managed to fend off it’s attacks by the edge of Ariketh. While I was occupied with this creature, the others descended into chaos and started attacking one another and wandering off. Route incapacitated the one with some traps, and I tried to help restrain Osookh from pursuing Veruna when I was overwhelmed by the rubble, and only escaped by using my bloodscarf. I was battered, but rushed to defend the others from the final remaining enemy. When it finally fell, we got everyone to calm down and stop fighting and unearthed the cache from under the millstone. We found tokens that will allow us to traverse the mirror realms, as well as some defensive items and bejeweled holy symbol. Veruna took them all, despite having spent nearly the entire fight fleeing and fighting fellow party members, and in spite of my having directed us to the cache. I find myself very suspicious of her, despite the assessment by her hyena. Perhaps there is something more there, or perhaps it is simple human greed. Oh Tychaeus, when you sent me to meet companions, I did not realize you meant for me to forge them into a team! This could be quite a journey, but battles are not won by individuals, and these are the companions with which I find myself. With a little bit of effort, perhaps they will do. Chan, guide me.



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