Welcome to a world of magic and spirituality, where the wind brings only brief respite from the burning sands. This is Ember.

The world of Ember is a near-endless desert. The inhabitants are weathered and hardy – over the centuries, their beliefs have been shaped and molded just as the wind sculpts the desert sands. Long have the deities of old tried to win over the hearts of the people, but the forces of nature are difficult to overcome with sheer belief.

Once again, the gods of the desert are trying to exert their influences on the people, whether for good or for ill. What portents do they bring? Will the raw elemental forces of nature bend to their will? Or will the deities of old burn out like dying candles? These answers and more are slowly coming to light

To understand the people and the world of Ember, one needs to know their spiritual history. Please visit the Mythology page for a summary of the known religious history of the world.

Helpful Links:

  • Mythology – A summary of Ember’s history and religion
  • Deities – The powers available for worhip on Ember
  • Main Page – An outline of the main wiki pages

Ember: Fire and Wind

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