Worm Bridge

To the Southwest of Confluence and past the Blood Marshes, the Worm Bridge arches grotesquely over the Sheni River. Made of a ancient, massive, petrified purple worm, the bridge allows passage into the Deadlands to the Southeast. The bridge itself consists of the ‘body’ of the petrified worm, with passages winding through the calcified digestive system.

In addition to the main bridge, the head of the worm rises out of the desert sands. Known as the “lee of the worm,” the head contains a hollowed-out space that travelers can use for shelter. On the Deadlands side of the bridge, the purple worm’s tail juts out of the sand like a misshapen temple spire.

The bridge-tunnels tend to attract wandering predators and undead creatures from the Deadlands. Furthermore, the negative energies around the bridge have been known to morph such monsters into unusual and more-corrupted forms. Because of this, the bridge’s tunnels have earned a dangerous reputation over the years. At some point in the bridge’s history, the tunnels have been fitted with a system of stone turnstiles; sentient travelers can operate the turnstiles, but they usually prevent the dangerous creatures from crossing the river.

Far beneath the surface on the Deadlands side of the river, lie the Sheni Salt Mines. In older times, the tail of the worm served as processing facilities, offices, and entrances to the lower mines. Today, the rooms are still intact but largely abandoned.

Worm Bridge

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