Tomb of Regrets

The Tomb of Regrets is a large, subterranean complex, used as a final resting place for the respected and revered dead of the believers of the Old Ways.

The tomb itself consists of a massive underground cavern, shaped similar to an inverted funnel. The Crypt of Nephthys protects the entrance at the surface, and the passage from the upper crypt spirals along the inside of the ‘funnel’, to the bottom. The spiraling passage takes the better part of a day to traverse, and is lined with alcoves of interred remains, and statues of Nephthys that actually ‘weep’ water. The water generates an antimagic effect throughout.

The interred remains seem to be able to converse with visitors, answering questions about their past lives.

At the base of the cavern sits a massive pyramid. The hundreds of weeping statues rain water onto the pyramid; the water cascades down all sides of the pyramid and pools around the base, before draining away into unseen passages below.

The chambers and passageways within the pyramid house evidence (and living individuals) relating to some of the most-regrettable events in the history of the clergy of Isis.

Tomb of Regrets

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