The Crucible

Located in the heart of the Mirrored Sea, The Crucible is a massive, razor-glass-lined gash in an otherwise smooth glass plain. From the surrounding precipice, the Crucible resembles a large crater or an open seismic fault.

It is widely believed that the Crucible was the nexus for the event that created the entirety of the Mirrored Sea. Current theories include: a fiery meteor impact, a magical catastrophe that ended a now-ruined kingdom, or an invasion by Imix himself. In fact, the followers of the Lord of Hellfire refer to the Crucible as ’Imix’s Crater.’

Once per day, the light from the overhead sun reflects and refracts over the inside surface of the crater, causing an intense flash fire. The exact timing of this event changes from day to day, as the position of the sun changes over the course of a year.

The Crucible is home to an oracle. The Oracle of Ashen Hopes (as she calls herself) makes her home in a secluded cleft near the base of the Crucible. The lore-keepers in the Fire Temple in Confluence are particularly knowledgeable about the Oracle and the physical and magical conditions in the Crucible.

The Crucible

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