Out of all of the locales on the Via Infractus; the town of Shard has experienced the most changes in recent history. Built among the ruins of a much-older city, Shard is a motley collection of colorful tents, crumbling refugee shelters, new stone buildings, wooden lean-to’s, reclaimed ruins, and (most-recently) one very large ice fortress.

It is believed that the original city was destroyed with the creation of the Mirrored Sea; swaths of fused and/or broken glass extend down some of the Western streets. More-recently, a large abandoned bathhouse was discovered under the edge of the fused glass.

The current incarnation of Shard began as a way station on the Via Infractus; travelers camping in the old ruins soon discovered that the city’s wells were intact and clean. It wasn’t long before traders, suppliers, nomads, and travelers began to set up their colorful tents.

Immediately after the recent discovery of the buried bathhouse, a population of ice mephits arrived in Shard, and promptly began to magically increase their numbers. The mephits claimed the springs that supplied the old bathhouse, and built a large fortress of ice to house their ever-growing population. Currently, a zone of magical cold surrounds the fortress; the cold partially extends into the town proper. Unexpected weather patterns have also begun to develop around the cold zone: mist, fog, rain, clouds, and high winds all develop at odd intervals throughout the days and nights.

Supplies for long journeys, trade goods, and ‘found’ items can all be purchased here. Shard also serves as a starting point for those brave (or foolish) enough to venture into the Mirrored Sea.

A map of the town (before the arrival of the ice mephits) can be found here.

A current map of the town can be found here.


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