Scuptor's Journal

This journal was found in the sculptor’s home in the Deadlands. While mostly burnt and destroyed, a few partial pages survived:

… I am very glad that I am allied with the sponsor. A group of bandit sandswimmers attacked the complex yesterday. The sponsor (who luckily happened to be here at the time) conjured a great sand golem to aid in our defense. The sand brute made quick work of the bandits. I had the servants put the bandits’ salvageable equipment in storage in case we should need any of it.

… I still wonder if I should have agreed to this job. While I am watching my coffers fill, I am practically an indentured servant. I must remember that this arrangement is only for a few years.

… The sponsor is VERY particular. I have lost count of the number of times I re-carved these children. And just when I think he is happy with one of them, he changes his mind after it is placed with the other two. I assume that these are HIS children; I would ask, but I do not wish to jeopardize our arrangement.

… Remember the money; just remember the money! And I wish he would stop calling me “Thutmose!” It will all be worth it in the end! And no matter what crazy things he wants me to sculpt – just remember the money. That bizarre deity of his – it’s a hollow sphere with tentacles. Who worships a hollow sphere with tentacles?! I must say that I AM proud of my innovative reinforcing. I managed to use some metal wires AND one of the bandits’ curved blades – it was the perfect shape for one of the tentacles. Thankfully the shrine is outside of the house, so at least I don’t have to see the stupid thing every day.

… I have finally finished! The wife statue is complete. I have lost count of how many failed attempts. Granted, even I did not approve of some of them, but the master’s sense of perfection is just too unrealistic at times. But I should not dwell on it; the statue is complete and she IS quite beautiful. The master has ordered me to destroy the ones he deemed imperfect – I cannot. They may not meet HIS criteria for perfection, but they ARE some of my best work. I will hide the best of them at the bottom of the well; that is the one place here that he actively avoids. I believe the servants are on my side and will not give me away.

[An additional, torn page can be found here]

… He will NOT be happy; I cannot make the rest of the lens. I need another piece – I think I need to have at least half of the lens. This one piece is not sufficient – I cannot seem to get the central concavity correct. I am not sure what to do next. The master seemed to imply that he knows where another piece is, but that it is difficult to get to. His weekly visit is in two days; we shall see what happens.

Scuptor's Journal

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