Oracle's Tale

As orated by Lady Wachovia, the Oracle of Ashen Hopes:

“In a previous age, when the Four still held sway,
A faction of faithful went far astray.

They saw great power in Her watery domain,
And drank long and deep for their own selfish gain.

They abused Her gifts and corrupted themselves;
Their very lives were prolonged by imbibing Her spells.

Their power grew quickly, and soon threatened all;
The faithful were desperate as their temples did fall.

So the Four had to show that the people were heeded,
And they sent the horned goddess, who did what was needed.

In a terrible rage, with a sun-fire crown,
She leveled the landscape, for miles around.

She melted the sands into a great plain of glass,
And she buried the traitors, down to the last.

The Drinkers were felled, and gone was their tower,
But many innocents died in the wake of such power.

Two kingdoms, some farmlands, and a great mountain peak
All burned and buried under the glass so sleek.

The goddesses mourned for the carnage they brought,
And erased from history the deeds they had wrought.

But, the Drinkers still live, known only to few,
Though now, just an image of all they once knew.

They did not all perish in Hathor’s great rage,
But instead are trapped in a great mirrored cage.

And they now have an ally in a much older foe,
But that’s not an answer you wished me to bestow.


You need Hathor’s fire to re-melt a mirror;
And lucky for you, a source is quite near.

Follow your dreams to the Tomb of Regrets;
There, the mournful will lead to you what you must get."

Oracle's Tale

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