Crypt of Nephthys

The Crypt of Nephthys is an underground shrine located near the Via Infractus, somewhere between Shard and Untash-Gal. The shrine itself is dedicated to the four goddess of the Old Ways, and is protected by a series of trapped chambers.

The weeping image of Nephyths is a common theme throughout the subterranean chambers, and statues that magically ‘cry’ water feature in at least two of the crypt’s traps. The clerics of the Old Ways grant access to the Crypt only in special circumstances – approved visitors are loaned a series of keys to bypass the traps (which take the form of sandstone bricks covered in gold symbols).

The shrine serves an additional purpose – it functions as an entrance to the much-deeper Tomb of Regrets. It is there that the ancient worshipers of the Old Ways hid their secrets, buried their greatest clerics, and discarded the evidence of the religion’s past wrongdoings.

The entrance to this deeper Tomb is guarded by a water-lock system and antimagic effects, located in one of the upper chambers of the Crypt.

Crypt of Nephthys

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