Channeler Spell List

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The Channeler spell list follows:

Level 0 Spells
  • Air: Know Direction, Guidance, Daze, Ghost Sound, Ray of Frost
  • Earth: Mending, Mage Hand, Resistance, Virtue
  • Fire: Dancing Lights, Flare, Disrupt Undead, Light
  • Water: Detect Poison, Purify Food & Drink, Cure Minor Wounds, Create Water
  • All: Read Magic, Detect Magic
Level 1 Spells
  • Air: Feather Fall, Jump, Detect Snares & Pits, Chill Touch, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Ventriloquism, Expeditious Retreat, Sleep
  • Earth: Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, Shield of Faith, Mage Armor, Sanctuary, Pass Without Trace
  • Fire: Faerie Fire, Hypnotism, Burning Hands, Cause Fear, Produce Flame, Color Spray, Shocking Grasp
  • Water: Remove Fear, Bless, Magic Fang, Charm Animal, Cure Light Wounds, Obscuring Mist, True Strike, Bane
  • All: Endure Elements, Summon Nature’s Ally I
Level 2 Spells
  • Air: Eagle’s Splendor, Levitate, Silence, Gust of Wind, Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image, Knock, Endure Elements, Freedom of Breath
  • Earth: Barkskin, Make Whole, Hold Person, False Life, Shield Other, Tree Shape, Bear’s Endurance, Black Sand
  • Fire: Pyrotechnics, Flaming Sphere, Owl’s Cunning, Touch of Idiocy, Heat Metal, Flame Blade, Cat’s Grace, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
  • Water: Protection from Arrows, Remove Paralysis, Bull’s Strength, Lesser Restoration, Delay Poison, Cure Moderate Wounds, Locate Object, Owl’s Wisdom, Hydrate
  • All: Resist Energy, Summon Nature’s Ally II
Level 3 Spells
  • Air: Wind Wall, Stinking Cloud, Invisibility, Haste, Major Image, Nondetection, Clairaudience/Clairvoiance
  • Earth: Prayer, Magic Vestment, Greater Magic Weapon, Stone Shape, Plant Growth, Slow, Spike Growth, Meld Into Stone
  • Fire: Scorching Ray, Flame Arrow, Call Lightning, Keen Edge, Searing Light, Daylight, Parching Touch
  • Water: Water Breathing, Create Food and Water, Heroism, Rage, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Protection from Dessication, Greater Magic Fang
  • All: Protection from Energy, Dispel Magic, Summon Nature’s Ally III, Glyph of Warding
Level 4 Spells
  • Air: Shout, Hallucinatory Terrain, Detect Scrying, Air Walk, Illusory Wall, Discern Lies
  • Earth: Death Ward, Dismissal, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Spike Stones, Wall of Sand
  • Fire: Lightning Bolt, Quench, Explosive Runes, Fire Shield, Wall of Fire
  • Water: Neutralize Poison, Ice Storm, Control Water, Cure Critical Wounds, Restoration, Locate Creature
  • All: Summon Nature’s Ally IV
Level 5 Spells
  • Air: Mirage Arcana, Improved Invisibility, Dimension Door, Symbol of Sleep, Control Winds, Persistent Image
  • Earth: Disrupting Weapon, Spell Resistance, Passwall, Wall of Stone
  • Fire: Confusion, Feeblemind, Call Lightning Storm, Flame Strike
  • Water: Mass Cure Light Wounds, Scrying, Atonement, Righteous Might, Wall of Ice
  • All: Commune with Nature, Summon Nature’s Ally V
Level 6 Spells
  • Air: Wind Walk, Permanent Image, Veil, Teleport, Cloudkill, Legend Lore
  • Earth: Stoneskin, Banishment, Antimagic Field, Globe of Invulnerability, Undeath to Death, Move Earth, Wall of Iron
  • Fire: Tenser’s Transformation, Mark of Justice, Fire Seeds, Greater Heroism, Energy Immunity, Symbol of Thirst
  • Water: Acid Fog, Heal, True Seeing, Contigency, Symbol of Fear, Heroes’ Feast, Mass Dessicate
  • All: Greater Dispel Magic, Summon Nature’s Ally VI
Level 7 Spells
  • Air: Instant Summons, Mislead, Project Image, Programmed Image, Teleport Object, Mass Invisibility
  • Earth: Blade Barrier, Disintegrate, Spell Turning, Statue, Mass Hold Person, Symbol of Stunning
  • Fire: Chain Lightning, Insanity, Sunbeam, Fire Storm, Prismatic Spray
  • Water: Control Weather, Greater Scrying, Greater Restoration, Greater Arcane Sight
  • All: Summon Nature’s Ally VII
Level 8 Spells
  • Air: Screem Greater Spell Immunity, Phase Door, Greater Shout, Greater Teleport, Whirlwind
  • Earth: Desert Binding, Earthquake, Iron Body, Protection from Spells, Power Word Stun
  • Fire: Sunburst, Power Word Blind, Incendiary Cloud
  • Water: Regenerate, Word of Recall, Discern Location, Moment of Prescience
  • All: Summon Nature’s Ally VIII
Level 9 Spells
  • Air: Time Stop, Teleportation Circle
  • Earth: Antipathy
  • Fire: Meteor Swarm
  • Water: Mass Heal, True Resurrection
  • All: Elemental Swarm, Summon Nature’s Ally IX


Air Blessings Fire Blessings
Level The Princess’s Dance Wind’s Respite Imix’s Fury The Blazing Sun
0 Guidance Daze Flare Light
1 Longstrider Cloak of Shade Burning Hands Impede Sun’s Brilliance
2 Wind Wall Freedom of Breath Produce Flame Sunstroke
3 Gaseous Form Haboob Body Blaze Searing Light
4 Haste Air Walk Fireball Searing Exposure
5 Flaywind Burst Control Winds Fire Shield Parboil
6 Wind Walk Find the Path Geas/Quest Fire Seeds
7 Mephit Mob Control Weather Mephit Mob Sunbeam
8 Whirlwind Discern Location Incendiary Cloud Sunburst
9 Foresight Elemental Swarm Mantle of the Fiery Spirit Elemental Swarm

The Princess’s Dance is tied to followers of Chan, good archomental of Air. Wind’s Respite is the Air blessing of the desert wind. Imix’s Fury is for those who walk the Lord of Hellfire’s path, and The Blazing Sun is the Fire blessing of unforgiving desert heat.

Earth Blessings Water Blessings
Level Stone’s Echo The Eternal Sands The Queen’s Throne Water’s Embrace
0 Mage Hand Resistance Cure Minor Create Water
1 Waste Strider Magic Stone Cure Light Locate Water
2 Soften Earth & Stone Black Sand Hydrate Cure Moderate
3 Soul of the Waste Control Sand Cure Serious Prot. from Desiccation
4 Dispel Water Wall of Salt Imbue w/ Spell Ability Wall of Water
5 Choking Sands Wall of Stone Spell Resistance Insect Plague
6 Stoneskin Awaken Sand Mummify Heal
7 Spell Turning Mephit Mob Resurrection Mephit Mob
8 Vitrify Prot. from Spells Flashflood Horrid Wilting
9 Mordekainen’s Disjunction Elemental Swarm Prismatic Sphere Storm of Vengeance

Stone’s Echo is an antimagic-themed blessing. The Eternal Sands is the Earth blessing of the deep desert. The Queen’s Throne is for worshippers of Isis and the old ways, and Water’s Embrace is the blessing of elemental Water.

When it comes to summoning spells, channelers can only summon beings of their elemental focus. For example, an Earth channeler can only summon Earth elementals using an Elemental Swarm spell or a Summon Nature’s Ally spell. Similar rules apply for a Mephit Mob spell: Air can summon air, sulfur or dust mephits only; Fire – fire, magma, or glass mephits; Earth – earth, sulfur, salt or glass mephits; and Water – ooze, steam, or water mephits.

Channeler Spell List

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