Do you feel the world around you? Do you hear your own breath on the desert wind? Does the warmth of the sun match the strength of your spirit? Do the great rivers run with the same life that flows through your veins?

This is how I feel the world – its energies flow around me and through me. My spiritual bond with existence lets me experience these things like few others – I can even give form and shape to these energies by channeling them through my soul.

Now, child, you are part of the world around you and it is part of you. All it takes is for you to go and open yourself to it.
-Ket-lem, Channeler of Water

Channelers are innate divine spellcasters that cast spells by attuning themselves to the elements around them and then focusing those elemental energies through their bodies to generate magical effects.

Note: the Channeler class is an altered and updated version of the Shugenja class from Oriental Adventures and Complete Divine. The class is identical to the one described in Complete Divine, but with the following differences:

Class Features:

Animal Companion: Starting at first level, Channelers receive an Animal Companion, following the same rules as per the Druid class. [The Shugenja class, as originally described in Oriental Adventures, had access to the “Animal Friendship” spell at first level, as did the Druid class in the v3.0 players handbook. With the v3.5 update, the “Animal Friendship” spell was replaced with the Animal Companion class feature.]

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Channelers are proficient with all simple weapons and with the short sword. They are not proficient with any type of armor or with shields.

Element Focus: All channelers have a favored element: air, earth, fire or water. At least half of the spells known by a channeler need to be from their selected element. Channelers ‘grow’ into their element via “Blessings;” each element has two such paths, usually one is tied to a divine being and the other is tied to the element itself. For example, Fire Channelers can devote themselves to the Blessings of Imix’s Fury (divine being) or the Blessings of The Blazing Sun (raw element). The choice of Blessing dictates one of a channeler’s spells at each level. The eight different Blessings are listed below.

Channelers may not cast spells drawn from their opposing elements. Because of the way elemental dichotomies that evolved on Ember, the opposing elements are different from the norm: Fire opposes Air and Water opposes Earth. In other words, Air channelers may not cast spells from the fire spell list, Earth channelers may not cast spells from the water list, and so on. The spell lists are below.


A Channeler’s spell knowledge is limited, much like that of a sorcerer. A Channeler begins play knowing four 0-level spells and two 1st-level spells of their choice (keeping in mind element focus: at least half of the chosen spells must be of the chosen element, and none may be of the opposing element), plus one 0-level spell and one 1st-level spell that are determined by the chosen Blessing. At each level, the channeler gains one or more new spells, as indicated on the shugenja table in Complete Divine. The known spells are chosen from the Channeler Spell List.

Channeler spellcasting ability is tied to Charisma.


Air Blessings Fire Blessings
Level The Princess’s Dance Wind’s Respite Imix’s Fury The Blazing Sun
0 Guidance Daze Flare Light
1 Longstrider Cloak of Shade Burning Hands Impede Sun’s Brilliance
2 Wind Wall Freedom of Breath Produce Flame Sunstroke
3 Gaseous Form Haboob Body Blaze Searing Light
4 Haste Air Walk Fireball Searing Exposure
5 Flaywind Burst Control Winds Fire Shield Parboil
6 Wind Walk Find the Path Geas/Quest Fire Seeds
7 Mephit Mob Control Weather Mephit Mob Sunbeam
8 Whirlwind Discern Location Incendiary Cloud Sunburst
9 Foresight Elemental Swarm Mantle of the Fiery Spirit Elemental Swarm

The Princess’s Dance is tied to followers of Chan, good archomental of Air. Wind’s Respite is the Air blessing of the desert wind. Imix’s Fury is for those who walk the Lord of Hellfire’s path, and The Blazing Sun is the Fire blessing of unforgiving desert heat.

Earth Blessings Water Blessings
Level Stone’s Echo The Eternal Sands The Queen’s Throne Water’s Embrace
0 Mage Hand Resistance Cure Minor Create Water
1 Waste Strider Magic Stone Cure Light Locate Water
2 Soften Earth & Stone Black Sand Hydrate Cure Moderate
3 Soul of the Waste Control Sand Cure Serious Prot. from Desiccation
4 Dispel Water Wall of Salt Imbue w/ Spell Ability Wall of Water
5 Choking Sands Wall of Stone Spell Resistance Insect Plague
6 Stoneskin Awaken Sand Mummify Heal
7 Spell Turning Mephit Mob Resurrection Mephit Mob
8 Vitrify Prot. from Spells Flashflood Horrid Wilting
9 Mordekainen’s Disjunction Elemental Swarm Prismatic Sphere Storm of Vengeance

Stone’s Echo is an antimagic-themed blessing. The Eternal Sands is the Earth blessing of the deep desert. The Queen’s Throne is for worshippers of Isis and the old ways, and Water’s Embrace is the blessing of elemental Water.

When it comes to summoning spells, channelers can only summon beings of their elemental focus. For example, an Earth channeler can only summon Earth elementals using an Elemental Swarm spell or a Summon Nature’s Ally spell. Similar rules apply for a Mephit Mob spell: Air can summon air, sulfur or dust mephits only; Fire – fire, magma, or glass mephits; Earth – earth, sulfur, salt or glass mephits; and Water – ooze, steam, or water mephits.


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