Burning Eye of Apep

The long-forgotten lens of fiery death.


The Burning Eye of Apep is a large, solid diamond lens that can wreak fire and destruction over an entire landscape. Luckily, the lens was broken and the pieces were separated and hidden many years ago. Even the knowledge of the lens is well-guarded – only a few high-ranking clerics, officials and scholars of Isis have even heard of the lens.

According to known history, the lens was broken into three pieces. One piece is said to remain with the clergy of Isis. The second piece is believed to be destroyed. And rumors of the location of third piece have just recently resurfaced.

The clergy of the Old Ways know the danger of the Burning Eye, and are eager to find and reacquire the missing piece, while maintaining some modicum of secrecy so others do not claim the lens for themselves.


Burning Eye of Apep

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