An Asherati Ranger, quick with his Eagle Claws and adept amongst the sands


Chaotic Good
HP 22
AC 19

Proficient with Two Eagle Claws, used in tandem.
Chain Shirt (masterwork)
Fire protection 5
Heat resistance (lvl 3)
Natural dryness
Weakened when wet
Mounted Combat


By trade, Osookh is a tracker. Namely he seeks the one thing valued by all peoples living in the wastelands: Water. Competition (and poor customer satisfaction) has pushed his endeavors into a new region, far from the traditional homelands of his subterranean people. Though he travels alone, the teachings and the talents of the Asherati go with him. Under the sands he travels with the ease of a fish in the ocean. He is also trained in the use of his people’s weapon of choice: the Eagle claw. In battle, he appears in a flurry of sand and steel. His strength and speed allow him dance through the battlefield with a claw in each hand, then vanish back beneath the dunes to plan his next strike. This evasive yet brutal style has kept him alive these many years.

Though Osookh has no chosen deity, he is aware of the pantheon of gods that fight for supremacy on Ember. He has had little experience with any one sect, but the rampant elemental powers that flow through the desert world are more than apparent. A great deal of his time and effort has been placed in training to combat such elements when made corporeal. Osookh knows better than most the patterns and motivations of an “Elemental” but more often than not those motivations mimic that of powerful nearby caster.

Osookh still has much to learn and much to experience. The open sands of Ember call to him, promising adventure and fame. Perhaps in the lands south of the Mirrored Sea he will find ways to improve his talents; becoming the master tracker and guide he knows he can one day be.


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