Oracle of Ashen Hopes

A mysterious Oracle who dwells in the fiery heart of the Mirrored Sea


Lady Wachovia, Oracle of Ashen Hope – Female
Class unknown / Level unknown / Alignment unknown
Being of Elemental Fire

Few have heard of her; even fewer know anything useful about her. The Orcale of Ashen Hopes is a fiery being that lives at the bottom of the Crucible. There, she dwells in a burning lake of raw elemental fire. Her oracular messages seem to be told in rhyme, in a mix of useful information, storytelling, and symbolism.


’"Of course we can tell you about the Oracle. We know all about her. The Oracle of Ashen Hopes lives in a hidden lake of fire at the bottom of the Crucible.

There are oh-so-important rules when trying to see her. Better people than you have met their fiery ends for breaking them:

  • First and foremost, don’t bother visiting her without a gift; she only takes items reminiscint of hope and positive emotions, which she then burns in her fiery lake.
  • She only answers one question each day, and then only if she deems her gift to be acceptable.
  • Do not dare approach before sunrise or after the sun reaches its peak; the Oracle retreats to rest every midday.
  • Only those who brave the daylight dangers of the Crucible are allowed to call on her; fire creatures roam the area, and they all report to the Orcale. In short, do not begin your descent into the jagged cleft until the sun has risen over the Mirrored Sea.

We need not tell you this, but you are aware of the other dangers of the Crucible, yes? Well, let us remind you: the shape of the Crucible magnifies the overhead sun, the heat in the Crucible is hot even for a desert; also, every day when the sun reaches its zenith, the refracting and reflecting light causes the entire mirrored cleft to explode in fire.

Good luck; you’ll need lots of it."
-Mekhare and Mekhetre, Lore-Keepers of the Fire Temple

Oracle of Ashen Hopes

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