Treasure hunter, survivor, percussionist, and recent owner of a few extra left boots


Eamon – Male Half-elf
Level unknown / Alignment unknown
Worshiper of Elemental Air


“Well, I was having a good run (oh… the pun makes me sad) until I lost my foot in the Worm Bridge. If the group of you didn’t come along when you did I would have been dinner for the dead things in those tunnels. I can probably afford the spell to bring my foot back, but I have to get home first. I guess this is the Wind’s way of telling me to take a break.

That damn bridge… I should know better by now. I made it through and back last time I came to the Deadlands. But that tunnel just seems to call to the undead, and then morph them into more-horrible forms. Perhaps the bridge acts as a conduit for all the necromantic energies trying to get out of the Deadlands, or maybe the giant petrified worm carcass is a magnet for the undead. Either way, I think I’ve learned my lesson – no more looting expeditions to the Deadlands for me."


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