Ember: Fire and Wind

The Old Ways laid bare

  • After returning to the Crypt of Nephthys and dealing with the bhuka demolition crew, the group re-explored some of the lower chambers. There, they discovered the entrance to the lower Tomb of Regrets.
  • Following the chamber downwards, the party met Hati and Jo’am, residents of the lower tombs. They directed the group to Sekhmet, who was found to be the source of all of the party’s prophetic dreams.
  • After a travelling within Sekhmet’s dream-memories, the party’s dream-selves were immolated with divine fire and awoke, still on-fire from the dream, and armed with knowledge of the past:

It seems that the goddesses of the Old Ways tried to annihilate the great tower of a powerful, wayward sect known as The Drinkers. In doing so, many more perished than anticipated, and the Mirrored Sea was all that remained. In the years that followed, the clergy of the Old Ways sought to erase this event (and evidence of the blasphemous sect) from history, entombing the remaining fragments of history in the Tomb of Regrets.

  • After transferring the dream/divine fire from themselves to a torch, the party regrouped just in time to be alerted that the upper crypt was under attack.
  • The interred dead in the tomb amassed and again took up arms, and together with the party defended the tomb against an onslaught of digging constructs and summoned creatures, sent by the bhuka.
  • The battle destroyed some of the upper crypt (particularly the inner shrine and the Capistro travelling mirror), but the lower tombs survived unscathed.
  • With the aid of Hati’s divinations, the party traveled Northwest, tracking the bhuka and the broken mirror shards.
  • They found the shards (and some of Wahele’s old equipment) in the possession of a ill-tempered sphinx, who apparently took the goods from Route.
  • After incapacitating the sphinx, the group left, and traveled on to Shard in search of a glass-worker to repair the mirror.



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