Ember: Fire and Wind

The Mirror Beckons

  • Upon returning to Shard, Sabor de Soledad displayed his eagerness to investigate his centuries-old foes, the Drinkers: a sect of wizards that turned away from the Old Ways, using Isis’s magic for sustenance and unnatural life.
  • Returning to ongoing priorities, the group repaired the broken shards of the mirror, and stepped through to the Mirror World. After leaving a crisscrossing set of tunnels, the party entered the ‘flip’ side of the Mirrored Sea, with the Great Tower of the Drinkers in the far distance.
  • En route, the group defeated some local mirror-fey creatures (including the sculptor mentioned in prior adventures). Unfortunately, the group killed the sculptor as well, before realizing that he was being dominated a cloud of fey-mirror-glass.
  • The group next stumbled upon an invisible fortress of mirror-people, who seemed to be at war with the Drinkers. After some unsuccessful interactions with the denizens, Ja-orad left the grisly fortress in chaos, while the rest of the group went searching for invisible wizards.
  • The group next was waylaid by a series of illusions (both magical and physical), and was slowed down by a small trapped building. After a brief encounter with a Drinker, a powerful undead creature, and an avatar of the Aten deity (and the mirror-double of Qualith, who must have replaced the original during his overnight watch) the party continued on.



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