Ember: Fire and Wind

Osookh's Letters: The Mirror Realm

To my loved ones,

I do not think that I can explain all that transpired in the realm of Mirrors and not sound like a mad fool. We prepared ourselves to enter the mirror path by first trading our possessions. Our theory was that any evil versions of ourselves that came into existence would be less effective without the equipment we are skilled with. A warrior without his sword is hardly a threat, yes? Once on the other side of the mirror, we would trade our belongings back and be unhindered ourselves. It was a smart plan that I believe worked to our benefit…. if not for the mephits that caught us off guard in the lower temple chambers where these priests keep the entrance to the Mirrored Path. I have never fought with a quarter staff before and I can say without doubt that I much prefer my Eagle Claws.

We moved swiftly through the Mirror Realm, turning corner after corner and always expecting to stumble upon our murderous counterparts. And so we did at a cross road; Trapped between my own reflection and that of the human female. By stroke of luck, they were the only two reflections of our party that showed themselves. Unfortunately, they did bring friends. I was uneasy that my companions might confuse my double for me and so gave him a wide berth. In the end, we vanquished our assailants, and they became nothing more than glass dust. A dash further down the indisguishable hallways and we managed to take the correct exit.

Confluence greeted us under the point of blades, for fear that we may have been our our evil doubles. Luckily we convinced Sabacus’s colleague, Tychaeus, that we were in fact the same souls that were sent into the Mirror Realm. This is quite the city, but of course the news Tychaeus has given us suggests that we need to move fast if we are to catch our connection to… The object we are seaching for. I wish I could say more, but I fear who else might be seeking knowledge of our quest. Rest easy! We will be



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