Ember: Fire and Wind

Osookh's Letters (Part 2)

Greetings Assanah,

I wish I could say that I am safe and sound, Sister, but alas, you know I am not one to stay still for too long. I am writing from an abandoned burial chamber, believe it or not. I am uneasy here. The floor and walls are made of solid stone. There is no quick escape into the sands, and I have already seen my fair share of guardian creatures this afternoon. Though the cleric that sent us here says the dead no longer dwell in these crypts, I can not help but feel a chill in my bones. I worry that something stirs beneath our feet. Now I wish I had asked the cleric why this mound has been abandoned, but I have a feeling we may find out firsthand. For now, my companions sleep while an earth elemental and I watch over them. I can take some small comfort writing this to you while I pass the hour.

My party arrived yesterday in a city called Abitaan. It is quite the spectacle, what with the many temples that seem to dot its landscape. We did not stay long, though. Much happened on the sands after my last letter, and we came into the care of a religious zealot. I am not entirely proud of how this came to be, though I believe we still affected the greater good. This man’s people hunted a majestic beast that I have only heard of in tales. It creates sandstorms in the blink of an eye to protect itself. Despite my failed efforts to soothe the beast, I did manage to defend it. It meant the deaths of the zealot’s companions, but their intentions were dubious at best. I know little of the Gods of these lands, but these Sun Worshipers seem the troublesome type, especially considering how they were armed.

Our captive became quite delirious as we traveled, calling out to his Sun God to deliver him to safety. If you ask me, it was the Sun which sought to take his life (and perhaps ours while it was at it). Thankfully we made it to Abitaan by way of the Mirrored Sea. Delivering the zealot to the temples did not have the reaction that my companions hoped. In the end, the Sun Worshipers are a small group that do not threaten the ways of Abitaan’s people. I feel guilty for the results of that conflict. I have gone back over the encounter many times in my head, but I do not know if the results would have been any different if we had….

[In a more hastily scribbled hand]

I may have been right about this crypt, Sister. Creatures stir from deep down in the depths, and the sounds of their crawling and clicking echo in the halls. I have changed shifts, but it is hard to sleep as the sounds persist and seem to grow louder. I hope that we are near to the item we seek. Should we find it, it holds the power to return our charge to his people with a message that we hope will discourage them from causing further conflict. I can only hope that is penance enough for what happened to his companions. I will leave this letter at the mouth of the crypt in hopes that someone may deliver it to you should the worst happen to me. Send my love to the family, and if I emerge unscathed, expect a letter detailing our triumph!




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