Ember: Fire and Wind

Osookh's Letters (Part 3)

Dear Asaanah,

As you can see, I have survived our last adventure unscathed. The crypt held secrets and many questions. It also held animated skeletal remains. To speak of it now, I can hold my quill steady, but I am disappointed to report that at the time I found myself bolting for the light and warmth of the open sands. It was an eerie feeling, like something took hold of me. The creature we faced had but to scream and stare at me, and it was as if it peered into my soul. I lashed out at my fellows in arms before something sent me careening down the dark hallways of the cavernous grave.

The expedition was not without benefit. The mural we sought was entombed near the creature and upon its defeat a piece of it was obtained. What was more interesting was what we did not find. After delivering our report to Sabacus, an official of the Temple of the Old Ways, he believes that a great gem may have been stolen from its hiding place in the tomb. This gem is…. well, to preserve the secrets of the Clerics here, I should not speak too much of its story. It is a powerful relic that, if truly missing, must be tracked down. We may have a lead in the city of Confluence, but the journey is a long one. Sabacus has suggested the use of a traveling mirror, but there are risks involved. Of course, taking the sand and sun route has risks as well, so the speed of the mirror may prove beneficial. He says that by entering the mirror realm, an evil copy of each of us will appear somewhere within and seek to kill us! We have a plan to deal with that problem, should it become an issue, though I do not look forward to battling my own reflection. My next letter will likely be from Confluence. I have heard many rumours of the splendors in that place. I believe that some of our people even reside there! I will be interested to see what sights there are to see and what direction our expedition might take. Until then, give my love to all.




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