Ember: Fire and Wind

Osookh's Letters


To My Loved Ones:

I have traveled to Fort Kysem, beyond the far borders of our home. With its central location, I had hoped this might be a place to hang my blades and look for work, but I found instead fire and death. Something strange has happened here, but I do not know what. I am thankful that I found a caravan in the shadow of this ruin that has seen enough value in me to take me on for a short while. Do not worry for me! I remember all your warnings about outsiders. I know too that to them, I am the outsider here. If I can be of any help to these people, then it is only right that I do what I can for them.

There are a few amongst the group that seem particularly skilled, if not also a bit odd. One is quite furry and constantly moving or talking or both, while another is quite the opposite: a Bhuka of few words with a sturdy boulder creature for a companion. There is one of our people with me as well, though he seems an eccentric the way he scribbles into his journals all the time. Finally, there is a female mystic of some sort. She seems guarded, but her skills can not be denied.

I believe I have gained the trust of the Caravan’s leader, and I believe he would keep me on as part of his guard if I were to ask. However, I am intrigued by these lands, and wish to explore them more thoroughly. I feel that we must part ways when we reach the safety of Abitaan, but perhaps my new companions will feel the same and join me. Odd though they may be, they are not to be underestimated. Together we have already faced many dangers that I may not have escaped without their aid.

I must end this message, or the parchment will be too heavy for the bird I send it with. Know that I am well and in good company! I love you all dearly.




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